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Hatha Yoga for everyone from beginners to experienced practitioners. The practice includes breathing exercises, asanas and a short meditation.

Hatha yoga classes specially considering sense perception, intuition, flexibility and core strength.
Introduktion i 4 steg till SailorsYoga. Glädje för livet, seglandet och segrarna. 

Yoga Anila
Anila is wind in Sanskrit. In this practice wind is related to daily breath patterns and exercise. A introduction and exploring of asanas, breath and meditation in a short 15 minute daily, preferable morning practise.

 Drop-In Personal, 60 min guidning… SEK 700:-

 Drop-In Couple, 60 min guiding… SEK 700:-

Drop-In Group per person, 90 min… SEK 200:-

Including 6% VAT, subject to changes depending on the extent of demand and number of participants.

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ISHTA Trained. 240 hr Teacher Training.
Disciple of Guru Dhyan Vimal.